A nice backdrop makes all the difference

17 07 2013

Most dirt jumping pictures have similar backdrops…trees, mounds of dirt…in Henderson, Nevada the backdrop is a little different.

This local spot, the Monkey Face jump, kinda has an ugly name, but it sure makes up for it with its beautiful scenery.

Mike Leonard Monkey Face JumpTribute Bikes rider, Mike Leonard blasts one out at the Monkey Face for your viewing pleasure. Sal Alvarado, behind the lens, captures the moment for posterity.




4 responses

17 07 2013

I love it man! You’ve done so much for the 24″ scene and the local scene here in the Vegas area. This spot is so much fun. Spent all day there and it didn’t even bother us too much that it was 110°. Expect to see more from this spot. The irony… Less than a mile away, there are two dirt parks that were constructed wrong and are unrideable. Lol go figure..

17 07 2013
Craig J

Great shot! That a Tribute frame I see?

18 07 2013

Yes sir! I love that frame.

5 09 2013
Countdown to Interbike | cruiser revolution

[…] with good peeps, like Vegas locals Mike Leonard and Chris Fox (pictured below with me (Ed) after the ride…thanks again for lending me a bike […]

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