Bun buzzer: Bob Osborn approved

19 06 2015

I suspect if you’re under 35, you’re probably not going to get the Bob Osborn reference in the title.

Which makes me sad a little, as Bob Osborn was the driving force behind BMX Action magazine (R.I.P), the publication that set the gold standard for all BMX magazines that would follow in it’s wake.

Anyway, there’s a certain style of photo, and a certain style of riding, that just scream of that era.

The classic bun buzzer jump is just one example of this.

And once again, Scott Towne, and his Instagram account, come through with some good stuff.

In this case, it’s a shot of Sean Newton boosting a nice bun buzzer on a 24.

Pure old school style…something dear old Bob would certainly approve of, and want to immortalize in the pages of the mighty BMXA.

This might take a second to load-


Redline reboots the PL-24 as a 26″

17 04 2015

Redline has let the cat out of the bag…they’re rebooting the iconic PL-24  as a 26″ cruiser. In their words, with a “modern take on the classic.”

Do you think that “modern take” extends to the geometry? We’ll have to see.

If you’re in Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic this weekend, get yourself a sneak peek at the Redline booth where it will be on display. (And if you do happen to be there…be a pal and get some more deets and photos for us, OK?)

Here’s a pic of the PL-26 that Redline has been sharing on social media.

Redline PL-26 sneak peek

And here’s a look at the original Redline PL-24, taken from the pages of the legendary BMX Action magazine.

Those levers, tho.

Zoot scootin’ indeed.


New photo that Redline has been circulating.

Redline PL-26 update

The nerd herd: RL & Buff

12 06 2014

A staple in the legendary 80s BMX mag, BMX Action, RL Osborn and Mike Buff could always be counted on for getting rad and doing whatever it took for a great photo.

According to 23mag.com,

As the “Nerd herd”, R.L. & Buff were vital in setting BMX trends during the 80’s, from jumping styles in bike tests to the 4×4 vehicle craze, to clothing fashions and hairdos.

Whether that meant Buff hitting the quarterpipe on a Robinson 24 (“a serious race bike”)

robinsonprocruisertestOr RL, laying down some serious roost in this two-page shot for a 24 shootout, they brought the heat every month.

rlcruiserAnd, with their riding captured by the equally legendary photographer/editor Bob Osborn, these photographs really stand the test of time.

Not a bad way to spend this “throwback thursday”, thinking back to this era and the impact these dudes had on it.


Marty: the most factory watchcat

11 04 2014

The legacy of cats and the BMX media probably begins somewhere around the time BMX Action magazine introduced Cosmo, “the most factory watchcat” to readers so many years ago.

Here at Cruiser Revolution, we’re carrying on that tradition with a factory watchcat of our own, Marty.

Marty can often be found underfoot when I’m trying to type or jumping on the desk to nudge something on the floor.

Other days, he’ll be checking out my bikes….whether it’s climbing on the bars…

Marty Cruiser Revolution Factory Watch Cat

Testing out grips:

Marty one hander

Or busting out moves like this one-handed lookback…

Marty one-handed lookback

Marty’s got skills…they may not pay the bills…but I think we’ll keep him around anyway.

Factory hot shots: Bottema & Henderson

21 11 2013

I can stare at early 80s-era BMX magazine photos like this all day long.

Back in the day I used to dream of getting the full-factory ride like all the legends that filled the pages of BMX Action and BMX Plus.

Two of the “factory hot shots” of the time were Jeff Bottema and Toby Henderson.

jeff bottema toby henderson 83Here they are, looking as factory as can be, getting some serious boost and tucking in behind the seat for extra style points.

Classic BMX goodness.



Vert: the final frontier for cruisers?

8 01 2010

Cruisers have proven themselves at the trails, track, park and the street. They’ve also shown that they are more than capable flatland machines.

That’s why I find it a bit surprising that we haven’t seen more cruisers on vert.  Pictures and web edits are few and far between.

But I’ve done some digging…and this is what I came up with.

If you’re old school, you probably remember this BMX Action magazine cover, featuring R.L. Osborn and Eddie Fiola busting a couple of flatties on the T.O.L. ramp on some 24″ test bikes.

Then there was this picture of Joe Rich tearing up the Terrible One ramp on a Volume Sledgehammer. (I love this picture…awesome style.)

More recently, Ollie Sandles posted the following web edit of Peter Beer shredding a concrete bowl on his cruiser.

Will we see more photos and footage of cruisers on vert? I think it’s just a matter of time.

Now this is a Christmas card…

24 12 2009

Freestyle legend, artist, entrepreneur…Bob Haro is known (and respected) for his achievements in so many areas. One thing that I think a lot of people may forget though, are the iconic cartoon drawings he used to do (mostly for BMX Action magazine). They were so distinctive and really captured the vibe and feeling of BMX at the time. I can’t help but smile when I see one.

That’s why I’m so stoked  to see this image that Bob recently posted of a drawing he did for (former sponsor) Oakley back in the ’80s for their Christmas card.

Here’s Bob’s story behind it:

In the spirit of the season – here’s a drawing I found from 1981 that I did for a little company back then called Oakley. Founder and sponsor of mine Jim Jannard asked me to make their company Christmas card and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately this design was rejected since Santa had a pipe in hand – the next iteration he held an Oakley grip.

Who knew that things would be so politically correct even back then?

Anyways, a great picture and a funny story….but also a perfect way to segue into the real point of this post…that is, to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hope Santa is good to you!