She’s got a nice tight rear end

3 12 2009

If you were into BMX in the mid 90s, you probably remember the ad for the Homeless Pornstar frame…”Long in the front, with a tight rear end you could work for hours.” Not one of the classiest ads but one of the first things that come to mind when looking at this Melms frame.

This frame features a 13.75″ chain-stay length! The Sunday Model-C, for comparison sake has a 15″ (slammed) chain stay length. Most cruisers have chain stays over 15″.

With 20″ frames back-ends getting progressively shorter, I’m actually kind of surprised that it has taken this long for someone to experiment with shorter chain stay lengths…especially with so many companies embracing theĀ  “cruiser that rides like a 20 inch” philosophy. Maybe this is a sign of things to come…

Here’s the bike all built up:

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