A Sunday Wave-C with 22 inch wheels?

8 05 2014

Bmx Museum member 77rider recently posted a build that is garnering a lot of attention.

It’s a Sunday Wave-C built up with 22″ S&M Pitchforks, 22″ Revenge wheels and some special one-off custom brakes (with extended arms).

How did this mad scientist tinkering affect the ride?

Switching out the forks and wheels served to steepen the head tube and lower the bottom bracket.

Sunday Wave C with 22in wheels

According to the forum thread, 77rider really likes how it handles:

I am a 20″ guy at heart. I have a 24″ Wave C and love it,but it just feels a little odd for me. So that got me thinking, if I like a 20 and the 24; a 22″ would be the shit.

Boy, was I right. This is just what I was looking for. I rode it for a couple minutes tonight before ball practice and fell in love.

This is definitely an interesting hybrid of the 24/22″ worlds.

Sunday Wave C 24 22 hybrid back end(Check 22-Inch BMX for more pics of this build)

Wonder if we’ll start to see more experimentation of this nature, now that people start seeing what’s possible with forum threads and posts like this.


22″ bike: could you lose a couple inches?

14 04 2010

Maybe Al Pacino’s character said it best On Any Sunday: “Life is a game of inches“.

This quote keeps coming to mind when I think about FACTION‘s 22 inch wheel bike.

It’s definitely an interesting concept. A sized up BMX bike, bigger than a standard 20 inch, smaller than a 24 inch cruiser.

Is it the future?

Hard to say…but my guess is probably not.

Is 22" the new black? Faction Zeitgeist bike

Some big-name riders have been quoted lending support to the concept. Guys like Eddie Fiola and Mat Hoffman have said they think it’s a cool, progressive concept. However, it’s interesting to note that Hoffman, despite owning a bike company, has never produced a 22 inch bike himself.

Does it make sense to come out with a new “standard” when there’s currently so much choice in 20 and 24 inch bikes? What happens if you break the forks or wreck a wheel? Seems like it would be a pain to get replacements.

What do you think?

Is a 22″ wheel¬† the answer for bigger guys?¬† Is it a good compromise between the 20 and 24 worlds? Can the BMX industry support a new wheel size?