The first 900 air: Hoffman making history

28 03 2011

Hard to believe that it has been 22 years since Mat Hoffman pulled the first 900 in a contest.

Others had come close, but the 900 was an elusive trick that sent many rider down — hard — whenever it was attempted.

This contest would change all that.

I still remember that day…piling into a car with a bunch of friends so hyped that we were going to a 2-Hip King of Vert contest.

It felt like something big was going to happen.

Little did we know how big…

(For more on Mat’s ground-breaking 900 air, check out this post on )




3 responses

28 03 2011

Wasn’t Mike Dominguez one of the guys who almost pulled it?? I seem to remember video footage of him at a SOCKO AFA contest in a speedway circa 1987 or 88 where he almost pulled it but looped out a on landing. . . . .

28 03 2011

Yup…Dominguez was one of the guys going for it prior to this and coming close. (Do you know if any of that SOCKO AFA video footage is floating around on the web?)

3 04 2011

That reminds me.
Whatever did happen to Vision Street Wear?
Nice use of similar logo for the website, though!

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