Pardon my French: Cream BMX magazine

12 04 2010

I guess France’s Cream BMX magazine is getting wider distribution these days because I finally saw a copy in a local bookstore.

The magazine is pretty cool with a bit more of an artsy vibe to it than a standard BMX magazine. Great photos and a mix of French and English copy…so you’re not stuck just looking at the pictures…although the article/pictorial on Eva Gabrielle is probably reason enough to check out the latest issue.

Eva Gabrielle adds a little je ne sais quoi to this super rare Skyway TA cruiser.

(Sorry for the small pics…these were the biggest I could find).




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13 04 2010

Yeah she’s hot! but that bike is just wrong!. I know it represents the early days of BMX and i started riding when those bikes were cool but damn…i just can’t believe how far the sport has come.

13 04 2010

I take that back…. i’d sport it! just for cruisin not for jumpin!

13 04 2010

Wow, those Skyway cruisers are so freaking rare it’s not even funny. Only like 12 made for team riders. Colored Tuffs was supposed to do a limited run reproduction Skyway 24 frame and fork set. I think it’s been put on hold though…. I’m really digging the girl BTW!

LOL, Mike, you’d probably hate my Elf, it’s pretty retro in general and has mags… I just cruise though… no trick riding.

13 04 2010

i have never riden with mags before. Are they heavy? they look really heavy. that looks like a great bike to cruise the boardwalk on. or maybe cruise the strip in vegas ( where i live).

13 04 2010

They are a bit heavy, no doubt, but nothing says 80’s BMX more than a set of Skyway mags. I never had them as a kid, I’m 40 now, so I figured I’d better get a set before it’s too late, lol.

I do want a set of the new anodized Alienation rims for sure.

13 01 2012
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[…] lucky or have deep pockets to get a hold of one of the 24″ Skyway T/As.  (Being as hot as Eva Gabrielle didn’t hurt […]

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