…and now for the complete picture

25 02 2010

It’s here!

Probably the most widely (and wildly) anticipated 24″ complete has hit North America’s shores.

Sunday’s Model-C frame made waves in the 24/cruiser world last year… and now that it’s available as an affordable, well-spec’d  complete…well, let’s just say these things are going to go like hotcakes!

Most of the major mail order companies are in stock, so if you’ve been looking at picking one up, here’s your chance. Just don’t wait too long…trust me on that one.

(The Sunday Model-C complete as shown at Interbike.)



10 responses

26 02 2010

Finally!!Gonna head down to my LBS and pick mine up!!

26 02 2010

I couldn’t wait and bought the Fit CR24 a while back.
I am debating whether I will buy one now as they are so similar and the Fit rides great.

27 02 2010

I was going to buy the cr24 also but it still rides like a cruiser(2009 model not sure of 2010 model but I bet it still does).The model-c does NOT ride like a traditional cruiser.
Sell your cr24 and get the model-c.If you’re like me and “outgrown” a twenty but still want a bike for all around riding that feels like a twenty Get the model-c!!

27 02 2010

I have a 2010 CR24 and it has very similar geometry to the Sunday.
I have three other cruisers and it does not ride anything like a traditional cruiser and certainly feels more like a 20.

I will probably still get the Sunday and maybe turn the Fit into a flatland bike for fun.

27 02 2010
jon faure

I rode a 2010 Fit CR24 for a couple of weeks before I got my Sunday. They are worlds apart in the way they ride. I ended up using most of my CR24 parts on the Sunday frame, fork and bars.

27 02 2010

I have ridden the model-c and the geometry is WACK. It doesn’t feel like a 20 or a cruiser, it just feels goofy. The bb is stupidly high. If I was going for a cruiser, I would get something like the liquid. Geo on that looks dialed.

– Joe

28 02 2010

The Liquid looks like it would be an amazing trails bike but I don;t think the geo would be best for the parks.

1 03 2010

Why not? Short stays, higher bb but not crazy high, steep enough head angle. looks money to me.

– Joe

6 04 2010

the LIQUID Feedback 24″ is the best out right now in the category of progressive trails/park/street 24″.

it’s the perfect middle. MEDIUM high bb. higher than race cruisers but lower than the strangely-high Model-C and other bikes that have copied the Model C (like the 2010 Avenger which has EXACTLY the same geo as the Model C).

it is also much more dialed with modern street/trails geo much closer to BMX bikes than Sundays are. shorter chainstays. lower top tube. longer top tube. it’s dialed…..

i’m riding one right now.


8 03 2010

You know what, i’ve been riding cruisers since 1997. I don’t really like the geometry for the more recent cruisers. I did test ride the WTP avenger 24 and that has a good feel to it. I tested the model C and it doesn’t feel real comfortable. to me. But then i am rising a 2003 free agent hellcat24. Once you lighten it up a bit it has a great feel to it.

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