There’s a BMX storm brewing

28 02 2013

This winter has been unrelenting in terms of storms, cold temps and all around crappy conditions.

BMXers in the northeast have been hit particularly hard by this nasty weather and are collectively just about ready to say good riddance to old man winter.

Thankfully, this weekend brings two big events that will put a spring in the step of BMXers of just about every stripe in the northeast.

The first is the annual Toronto BMX Jam.  The unofficial kickoff to the contest season and an excuse for BMXers to get a bit of a BMX party going on, the Toronto BMX Jam is a contest that gets people’s stoke factor to go off the charts. Set up as part of the Toronto International Bicycle show (kind of like a mini-Interbike), it features the Toronto BMX Jam, a flatland contest, indoor racing (mostly MTB these days) and a jumping competition.

The riding is unbelievable, the crowd is loud and chances are that you’ll run into riding buddies you haven’t seen for ages.  So much fun. I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday and if you have the chance I hope you will too…this is one of the most fun BMX events of the year.


Did I mention the riding is unbelievable? Check out this clip from the finals last year.

The second big event is at Ray’s MTB Cleveland.

This coming weekend they will be hosting 3 (really) big names in BMX: Rick Moliterno, Harry Leary and Stu Thomsen.

Rays HOTS_Slide_Thomsen_Leary_Moliterno

That’s almost BMX royalty right there!

If you’re a BMX nerd like me, you know those guys have some stories to tell. Much respect for those dudes.

So if winter has got you down, these events might be the cure for what ails you. Check ’em out if you get a chance.


RAD movie script on eBay

15 04 2009

I’m no economist but when you see an authentic RAD movie script go up on eBay you know something is up. Either this recession is going supernova or this is a sure sign that things have gotten so bad that a rebound is right around the corner.

What’s even more surprising is who the seller is…it’s none other than bike-thief chasing Rick Moliterno.  Apparently he’s also got a boatload of the original Shimano DX pedals available for the highest bidder.

I’m holding out for that sweet candy apple red Hutch Trick Star he used to ride back in the day when he was touring with Woody Itson. If that baby goes up for sale, prepare for a bidding war.

Don’t mess with Rick Moliterno

19 03 2009

Rick Moliterno might be some kind of crime-fighting superhero by night in addition to his already full plate with Standard Bykes, Goodtimes Superstore, and still killing it on his bike.

According to this news story, a local kid had just been in Rick’s shop, Goodtimes, and had gone across the street to grab a sandwich at Wendy’s. The kid did not lock his bike up and it was promptly stolen by some 14-year deliquent. Rick’s girlfriend saw the theft go down and told Rick. Rick put on his shoes, grabbed his bike and gave chase.  Keep in mind that at this point the thief has a two-block head start and Rick is 30 years his senior. In most cases, that would mean that bike was long gone.  But not when you have a BMX legend giving chase. Rick got the bike back and gave the kid some advice I’m sure he’s not going to forget:

“Don’t steal bikes, especially BMX bikes.”

Seriously, I’m beginning to wonder if Rick might be Batman.

In somewhat related news, I’m pretty stoked on this Standard 125R cruiser I stumbled upon on flickr:


Drawing on the frame and then clear coating it, the sweet green bars and forks…this is a nice bike.