SF Cruiser Ride highlights

18 02 2013

The San Francisco Cruiser Ride went down last weekend and it looks a good time was had by all.

Check out this turnout:

SF Cruiser Ride

…and the action captured by Dionridesbikes.com in this video clip:

Looks like a line has been drawn in the sand…Cruisers did really rule San Francisco this past Sunday.

SF Cruiser Ride sand

Really looking forward to seeing what else Trent Brocker and his crew have up their sleeve for the next one. I’ve a got a feeling that this ride is gonna get big!


Cruisers rule San Francisco this Sunday

6 02 2013

If you’re in the San Francisco this Sunday, you better be making your way to the Clocktower  ’cause Trent Brocker and his crew are putting together a Cruiser Ride that should not be missed.

Joe Moody and Mattyjo Shelley are already confirmed so you know you’ll be rolling with good peeps.

24 or 26″, whatever you got, it don’t matter;  just get out your big wheels and ride!

Check out all the details on the Cruiser Ride Facebook page.