Travis Barker rolls on a SE Big Ripper

11 02 2013 just posted a behind-the-scenes article about how Travis Barker prepped for his Grammy’s performance last night.

Part of that prep involved going for a bike ride with his kids aboard his SE Big Ripper!

His kids are also budding BMXers…if you squint you can see a PK Ripper and Bronco in the background.

Travis Barker & the Big Ripper on

Word on the street is that Travis used to race BMX (back in the day) and has always had a soft spot for the PK Ripper.




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15 02 2013

Even more of a reason to be a fan

17 01 2014
SE collaborates with Travis Barker | cruiser revolution

[…] Barker is no stranger to BMX, or to riding SE bikes, as we learned last year (Travis Barker rolls on a SE Big Ripper). […]

10 08 2016
Rockin’ and Rippin’ | cruiser revolution

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5 05 2017
Wall Street Journal writes piece on wheelies | cruiser revolution

[…] SE Big Rippers and rrdblocks get a lot of play, as well as some commentary from Todd Lyons. […]

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