2B or not 2B: the return of Leigh & Hal B

20 02 2013

If you rode in the 90s, chances are you probably wore a 2B Homecooked, Play or Useless t-shirt.

And a some point, you  probably sported a Play clothing sticker on your bike.

And if you went to contests, you probably made it out to at least one Play contest.

In my case, I’m guilty of all three.

2B Play

Play (and its predecessor 2B Homecooked) along with Useless, represented a more carefree time in BMX…before all the Dew Tours and X-Games madness took hold.

When Hal Brindley and Leigh Ramsdell decided to pursue other things, a little bit of that era went with them.

Check them out back in the 1998 in this classic ad for Props:

A couple of goofballs to be sure, but it was so fun you couldn’t help but be stoked on it.

Now,  it looks like Hal and Leigh are “getting the band back together”  to start printing some of those iconic t-shirts again.

They’re setting up shop under the oldscool banner but it looks like all the old favorites are coming back.

Looking forward to replacing my long-gone, but dearly missed, “I love sweet corn” tee.

For more information on what Hal and Leigh are up to, check out oldscoolbmx.com




3 responses

20 02 2013

Hell yeah, I want my Frequent Masturbator shirt again.I still have play stickers on my 95 Condor.

12 03 2013
Leigh Ramsdell

Thanks for posting this! We are having a blast doing this again.

13 03 2013

It’s awesome having you & Hal back at it again!

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