Jim C with a tight bank to wall on Defgrip

18 01 2012

Jim C has been putting in some serious riding time in on his Sunday Wave-C which has resulted in some seriously rad pictures showing up on the interweb lately.

Today, Jim scored some coverage on Defgrip with this Rick Crossman photo of a tight bank to wallride in Austin.

This is in addition to some cool shots that he posted over the weekend (that you can check out on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page).

So bad ass.

Follow Jim C. on Instagram for more cool photos of him shredding his Wave-C.




2 responses

18 01 2012

Nice Jim,love that color.

27 01 2012

I wanted to get a Wave-C, but it was out of my price range. S’ok, I picked up the 24umphXL bars for the bike I did get (a Mirraco 20Forty) and I hope to get the forks as well, with the 990 brake mounts.

The Wave-C is really nice.

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