Empire state of mind

15 04 2011

Are all mail-order BMX companies the same?

I was beginning to think so.

Sure, the company names change but in the end they all start to seem kind of similar.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out Empire BMX‘s site.

I was chuckling to myself the whole time I was searching for parts for my new Sunday Wave-C build.  With the funny write-ups and inside BMX references, like the Paul Buchanan mention in the Canadian shipping information, this is no ordinary mail-order site.

When I emailed a couple of questions, Tom (from Empire) was always quick with a response.  The whole vibe seems to be that they don’t take themselves too seriously but they are serious about their business.

They are also well stocked on 24″ stuff: Odyssey 24″ Hazard Lites, Sunday Wave-C, S&M 24″ Dirt Bike and 38 Special frames, just to name a few things.

In the end, I found what I needed and at a great price.

You should definitely check ’em out.

(For a taste of the “Empire experience”, check out this video Vital BMX did a couple of years back.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.



11 responses

15 04 2011

Yep, agree. Contacted Jim C at Sunday and he told me to deal with them for exports to UK.
Ordered all my parts for my Sunday Model C build.
Parts arrived within one week to UK and even with import tax the overall price was still cheaper.
Good people to deal with.

15 04 2011
Uriah Mann

Empire is great but my local shop does mail order. No where near as big as empire but usally cheaper than mail order! The shop is been around for 6 years and going strong!! There located in martinsburg WV, they get people coming down from NewYork and New Jersey. Here lately there has been alot of orders from orders from out west. Groove Merchants BMX shop, 100% rider owned and operated, Jamie Hess is the man in charge, 304-261-5230 is the phone number http://www.grovemerchants.net. Check it out you won’t be dissappointed!!

15 04 2011

I would like to go on record and state that Jamison Hess is 100% pureblood American Bad Ass (sorry Ed and all non-Murrricans out there)! By supporting his shop you are not only supporting bad asses across the globe, you are supporting TRUE BMX!

15 04 2011

Empire always has what I need and now located about 4 miles from my house,KILLER…..

15 04 2011

I am glad Empire is my local shop. I am even more glad that Buddy has a kick ass beard an a van with flames all over it.

18 04 2011

I call them Facial Pubes and for the van (36 cans of krylon beouches)!

16 04 2011

You lucky, lucky, b******s

16 04 2011

congrats on the Wave-C!

16 04 2011
Erik D

i will try empire next time i need something, i looked there for 24″ sunday forks but they were out of stock when i needed them.

18 04 2011

This old man highly recommends Empire. They did a great job lacing up my 24″ rims and shipped them out to me in 2 days. They rule!!

19 03 2015
Breakfast tacos, SXSW, pumptracks & BMX | cruiser revolution

[…] This, of course, meant a trip to Empire BMX. […]

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