Model C gets coverage in Complex mag

16 08 2011

An interview that Sunday Bikes’ Jim Cielencki did recently with Complex magazine has just come out.  And while the intent of the article was to talk about  the 2011 Model-C Pro, Jim also took the opportunity to talk about the history of the Model-C, the geometry and the different models available in the Sunday lineup (including the Wave-C).

Explaining how he convinces people to give the Model-C a try, Jim says:

I feel like a drug dealer, because when someone goes ‘oh, there’s the 24,’ I put it in their hands and they ride it, and most people have judged it and they’ve discounted it or have a negative opinion of it, but they ride it and they understand. Because there’s never been anything like this. They don’t have anything to go off of. They get on and they go ‘Oh, OK, I get it’.

Great to see some mainstream coverage of what’s going on in the world of 24″ BMX. Check it out here.

(Bonus info: The interview was done by Russ Bengtson, the guy behind the hugely entertaining, but now defunct, SPRFLS blog.)




7 responses

17 08 2011

and people love to hate on the high BB height.They just don’t get it….

17 08 2011

They also complain that’s it’s too short.
I don’t get that either.
Still, each to their own. I love mine.

17 08 2011

For me it is ONLY cuz I bought the complete(I’m 6ft)it’s great for flatland though.One day I will get me the 22″ Wave-C.

17 08 2011

i dont have a model c but i have the 2011 wtp avenger which has similar geometry and sometimes it feels a little short. my other bike is a free agent hellcat 24 and the two are worlds apart. but i love the high BB. my next build will for sure be the 22″ wave c or the liquid 22″

24 08 2011
sunday model c 24 inch bmx | w o o d y s b i k e g o o d i e s

[…] this write up on the sunday model c pro over on cruiser […]

23 10 2011

minor correction – Russ’s last name is spelled Bengtson, not Bengston. Counterintuitive, i know.

25 10 2011

Oops. You’re right. I’ll fix that.

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