Spy photo of Model-C front brake forks

10 08 2010

Bobby Parker from Sunday/Full Factory hinted about these in the comments recently when I posted about missing my front brakes.

Well, now we have a spy photo of the prototype Sunday Model-C forks with 990 mounts that he’s currently testing!

Bobby says they’ve been running great and Eben Krackau also has pair that he’s testing. No word yet on release dates but keep it tuned here for updates.




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10 08 2010

So I was ready to pull the trigger on some custom forks from Standard and saw the last post. I sent Sunday a message and did not get a response.
I hope they release them soon.

10 08 2010

I hope they come out soon so I can take off my brake plate!!
Sunday is very slow to non-exsistant to answering emails!

10 08 2010

hey guys- JC is a busy man and sometimes his emails can pile up. feel free to send any questions my way. my email is bobbyp@fullfactorydistro.com i might not be able to crank arm slide, but i can do my best to answer any questions you guys may have about the bikes.

and to save some people some time, i currently do not have a release date on these forks. but once i know i will try to get the word out to the masses.

so stoked that so many people want front brakes on their 24″s!!! awesome!

10 08 2010


10 08 2010

I cant wait for these! I was in the same spot as Steve. Contacted Standard to build me some 24′ forks with 990s but saw what Bobby wrote a few weeks ago and held off.

The interesting thing about the photo is that its not just a regular fork with some 990s tacked on them. The gap between the top of the fork and the tire is a lot bigger than whats on my stock Model C. I barely have any room for the cable to exit the bottom of the fork and round back up.

From that picture it looks like its a whole different fork. Or at least different from the ones that came with mine. Really looking forward to these!

10 08 2010


you might notice a little bit of tire clearance on my fork because i run a smaller size tire than what comes stock on the Model C completes. the tire that comes stock on the bikes is the 2.25″ Aitken tire. i run a lower profile tire on my bike, but only because of personal preference. essentially you can think of these forks as a 20″ 990 mount fork, but the fork legs just have a few extra inches of leg to fit a 24″ wheel. i have my 20″ and my 24″ at the office today and i just compared the forks (i run front brakes on my 20″ as well) and they are just about identical on the clearance. i ride the Odyssey 2.10 Path tires on my 20″ if that helps at all.

10 08 2010

I am returning after lots of years away(read 20) and just pulled the trigger on a Model C even though I heard rumors of the front brake mounts. I will be running front brakes. The only hollow bolt I can find to route the cable is an AHEADSET. Are there any others? If I go with Evo II front brakes will a brake plate work okay until the new forks come out?

10 08 2010

KHE has the 24″ Cirrus fork with 990 mounts. flatlandfuel.com got it to me for $100+/-. I bent the steerer tube casing a jump, tho…
Just to get you through until the Sunday fork comes out, of course.

11 08 2010

Just got this from Jim C.

Jim Cielencki August 11 at 4:02pm Report
“They are coming later in the fall probably Octoberish?

11 08 2010

Thanks for the update Steve.

12 08 2010

I see an early xmas present for me!

12 08 2010

I’ve been running one of the sample sets for around 2 months now and they are amazing. As for the tire clearance, they fit a 2.25 Aitken tire just fine, it’s exactly the same amount as on my 20″. I’m psyched that so many people are wanting to run front brakes again, especially on a 24″ bike. Personally, almost every front brake trick I have done on the Model-C feels the same if not easier than on a 20.

13 08 2010

uhm… you mean people are riding without front brakes?!?!

dang… i gotta get out more often!

7 09 2010
Roy Christopher

I guess I have to wait until October-ish to finish my Model-C build! ; ]

19 04 2011
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