Pumped up Volume Sledgehammer

9 12 2010

It looks like the guys at Volume are taking their popular 26″ Volume Sledgehammer in a new interesting direction.

While promoted as a bike for cruising around, it can still hold it’s own if you want to ride it a bit more aggressively (see  previous posts of Buddy and Joe Rich shredding on  Sledgehammers for proof).

What’s new for 2011

For 2011, Volume shortened the chainstays to 15.75″ and lengthened the top tube to 22″.  From the looks of it, it seems like the new Sledgehammer is now being designed less for “cruising” and more for “serious” riding.

Another thing new for 2011?

A disc brake.

Not sure how I feel about this…seems a little too MTB for a bike like this. But then again, I’m not a huge fan of V-brakes either (which is what the ‘hammer came with in previous years).

And, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this (in this era of low top tubes)…it looks like the top tube/seat tube is too high…sure, it’s fine for just cruising around…but if you really want to ride this puppy…it seems like it would get in the way.

What do you think about the 2011 Sledgehammer?

I’d especially like to hear what you think about the disc brake.



15 responses

9 12 2010

I personally am on the fence about the disc brake. I have often pondered the possibilities of superior braking power on those old school abubicas, but on the same note worry about the durabilty of the disc itself after a couple of solid hits. What ever happened to good old hydrolics?

10 12 2010

I’m feeling the disc. Cars were once on drums, moto-sickles as well. Evolution my man.

10 12 2010

They are clearly going for a bike to appeal to the mountain bike cross over crowd. I agree the top tube is to high if they were truely going for a bike you can get jiggy with.

10 12 2010

Yeah, as long as it’s a dirt orientated bike I would say the disc is all good. Obviously not a great idea for street/park/ramp though.

10 12 2010

Got nothing against disc brakes, but they always remind me of those meat slicers…. and I think of the possibilities in a crash, still down-hillers seem to cope.

Agree the seat tube looks too high, and so so do the bars.

10 12 2010

As long as your not grinding on the side that the disc is on I don’t see a problem with the brake.Also,I am pretty sure that my 2006 hammer has a 22 inch top tube,but I will check again.The bars are an improvement as well as the chainstays if you ask me but they should have made the head tube a bit steeper.The stock bars I found to narrow and short to get this beast off the ground,I now run S&M gran slams 8.25×29 and a lighter black market fork.Do you know if this is a full chromo frame and fork or half tensile like the older ones,double wall wheels,weight?

10 12 2010

Duh,I went to Volume site and answered my own question.Double walled alex wheels,full chromo frame and fork but nothing about the weight.This bike makes me excited and would love to see how it rides.

11 12 2010

Not sure if there is a typo on the TT length…the Volume writeup on the site says they lengthened the top tube but the specs says 22″ (which they have had on previous versions). Not sure if it has stayed consistent over the years.

10 12 2010

My 08 Zo6 has 22tt with full double butted Sanko 4130 tubing, Love it!!! I doubt Volume will be able to market the Hammer much longer as 26 BMX are the “forgotten class”, especially with all the fixed gear business (which I think is Volume’s bread and butter). I’d buy one even if it is made overseas except I already got mine. Tawain indeed has some of the highest grade of steel, and being an “ISO” country (unlike China) assures manufacturing quality Anyhow nice to see Volume not putting the “Sledgehammer” into the grave.

10 12 2010

Durp de durp! The disk rotor (thing) aint working with the slack top tube while resembling an ambiguous pseudo slopestyle.

9 01 2011

Does anyone have an idea on the sledgehammer pricing, It’s a good lookin heavy duty bike for a bigger guy like me. Thanks Jay

24 01 2011

Just heard that Volume may be dropping the rear disc brake setup in favor of removable 990 brake bosses on the production model (will try to track down a pic to link to).

24 02 2011

Cruiser Revolution, you’re absolutely correct on the 990 brake modification. I talked with a rep. yesterday @ Volume Bikes and he mentioned the same change is underway for production.

24 01 2012
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