Rapper’s delight

14 12 2010

Lotek shoes threw down a challenge to the BMX World recently to see who could write the best jam about Lotek shoes.

My bro, Glen Vanderheyden, rose to the occasion with a rhyme like no other and took first place in the first ever weekly rap challenge.

Check it:

prepare for attack and protect ya neck

cover each foot with a fresh Lotek
check out these fly kicks, they’re Rich made
lookin sharper than a muthaf**n switch blade
you want em baid, I mean bad, don’t correct me now
if you want em for free, I’ma show you how

all shapes and sizes, we’re lookin for prizes
BMXFU never wearin disguises
one surmises that they can join our clan
coz they say that ‘Lee Dennis is the man!’
understand, that we call the f**n shots
whether at home or at your local f**n spots

straight back from Cali, asleep on the plane
Shawn Swain, radder than Gucci Mane
4/20 vision, he rides with precision
doesn’t want to see his friend, Charlie, go to prison
oh Chuck, what the f**? duck, it’s 5-0
they couldn’t hold em down, had to let him go

GoPro, to capture the bmx rapture
record, download, time to manufacture
a member of the FU filming department
Mr. Hill of the Niagara Escarpment
loves the knobby hobby, does our friend, Bobby
gettin Loco’d at someone’s apartment

Orbell’s garage alters your visage
gettin low with the whole FU entourage
like a barrage, Chris can drop some heavy shit
it’s no mirage, check this Illuminati hit
we Bond like James playin bmx games
Jake, Drew, Dwan, you know our f**n names

hang 5, 1 peg, a 20-inch wheel
stackin clips like your name was Cory Beal
say what I feel, my name’s Glen Van
try and out-rhyme me if you think you can
these FU’s are always lookin for new shoes
i said it, check the edit, they’ve paid their f**n dues

For more on the weekly rap challenge, check Lotek’s blog.

For more crazy Glen rhymes, give him a fist bump the next time you see him at Joyride 150 and say, “Yo, G-Money…”





One response

19 12 2010
Forty One Thirty

Yeah, “Night Wolf City” by the band, Ex Votos pre dates this by quite a while, and actually ROCKS.

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