Picture this: BMX Cruisers Flickr group

4 10 2012

Today I stumbled on a cool Flickr group called BMX Cruisers.

The “About” section has this description:

This group contains pictures of people having fun with BMX cruisers. The main focus is on the salad days of 26″ cruisers, but two four peeps are welcome too.

It’s a pretty cool representation of the different facets of cruiser riding. There’s a bit of everything in this Flickr group: from flatland, to street, to pool riding, even just bombing the streets.

You might recognize a few familiar faces on it too.

Like Trent Brocker above.

Or Joseph Moody below.

Good to see pics of those guys tearing things up.

Heck, here’s another pic of Trent…it’s been a while since we’ve had a flatland pic on here.

Well worth a look.

Check it out here.

(All pics featured here by den dowling.)

Every day is like Sunday

22 02 2009

Sunday Bikes has set up a Flickr group…which isn’t that exciting by itself…except in it you’ll find some new photos of the about to be released Model-C.

Like this good shot of the Model-C as Jim C. gets ready for a session. Love the gold components.


Or this one…Jim C. again with a nice toboggan transfer out of a mini.


Fingers crossed that we’ll see more photos of the Model-C being put through its paces.