Marty: the most factory watchcat

11 04 2014

The legacy of cats and the BMX media probably begins somewhere around the time BMX Action magazine introduced Cosmo, “the most factory watchcat” to readers so many years ago.

Here at Cruiser Revolution, we’re carrying on that tradition with a factory watchcat of our own, Marty.

Marty can often be found underfoot when I’m trying to type or jumping on the desk to nudge something on the floor.

Other days, he’ll be checking out my bikes….whether it’s climbing on the bars…

Marty Cruiser Revolution Factory Watch Cat

Testing out grips:

Marty one hander

Or busting out moves like this one-handed lookback…

Marty one-handed lookback

Marty’s got skills…they may not pay the bills…but I think we’ll keep him around anyway.




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