Bun buzzer: Bob Osborn approved

19 06 2015

I suspect if you’re under 35, you’re probably not going to get the Bob Osborn reference in the title.

Which makes me sad a little, as Bob Osborn was the driving force behind BMX Action magazine (R.I.P), the publication that set the gold standard for all BMX magazines that would follow in it’s wake.

Anyway, there’s a certain style of photo, and a certain style of riding, that just scream of that era.

The classic bun buzzer jump is just one example of this.

And once again, Scott Towne, and his Instagram account, come through with some good stuff.

In this case, it’s a shot of Sean Newton boosting a nice bun buzzer on a 24.

Pure old school style…something dear old Bob would certainly approve of, and want to immortalize in the pages of the mighty BMXA.

This might take a second to load-




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