Vert: the final frontier for cruisers?

8 01 2010

Cruisers have proven themselves at the trails, track, park and the street. They’ve also shown that they are more than capable flatland machines.

That’s why I find it a bit surprising that we haven’t seen more cruisers on vert.  Pictures and web edits are few and far between.

But I’ve done some digging…and this is what I came up with.

If you’re old school, you probably remember this BMX Action magazine cover, featuring R.L. Osborn and Eddie Fiola busting a couple of flatties on the T.O.L. ramp on some 24″ test bikes.

Then there was this picture of Joe Rich tearing up the Terrible One ramp on a Volume Sledgehammer. (I love this picture…awesome style.)

More recently, Ollie Sandles posted the following web edit of Peter Beer shredding a concrete bowl on his cruiser.

Will we see more photos and footage of cruisers on vert? I think it’s just a matter of time.




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8 01 2010

That bowl video is sick! I have ridden my 24 at the park quite a bit. I can air big quarters a little bit, but nothing huge. True vert riding on 24s would be rad… and it’d probably be super smooth. I always heard that Mat Hoffman wanted 22s for vert. He felt they would fit the transitions better.

8 01 2010

There is a company called Faction out of the UK making 22 inch bikes.
I am on the waiting list for the park model they have coming out.

I ride the park on my 24 but the vert ramp there is a little big for my tastes at 12 feet. I do decent airs out of the mini which has an 8 foot section. Looking for that old school big transition 10 foot ramp though. May have to build it…

20 04 2010
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8 06 2010
Cruisers get the cover of BMXer magazine « cruiser revolution

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