Thruster makes a comeback…sort of

15 02 2019

Just as the West Coast CABDA show brought some new cruisers for our perusal…the CABDA Midwest show has brought something new (or is it old?) for us to ponder and reflect on.

Case in point, the reappearance of an early BMX brand with a — some would say — iconic frame design.

If you haven’t been tipped off already, I’m talking about Thruster BMX.

But don’t get too excited.

If the early reviews on this new version of the brand are any indication, it looks like this brand’s “reinvention” leaves much to be desired.

Check out what Chris Moeller (of S&M) had to say:

Or industry veteran Scott Towne’s take on it:

A bit sad, considering what could have been…if this was made in to more of serious cruiser (vs. a dressed up beach cruiser).

Oh well, we’ll always have those old school memories…won’t we?


Scott Towne’s sorta bike check

31 08 2015

You might remember a post from a while back where we learned that Scott Towne was rollin’ on a Stolen 24.

Well, Scott’s been visiting the race track as of late, so he’s gone out and got himself a proper race rig.

His choice?

DK’s top-of-the-line Elite Cruiser (by way of Matt Bischoff).

scott towne race rig

A great bike, ready to race, “right out of the box”…as the bike industry is apt to say.

What caught my eye though, were the modifications he made to it.

Otherwise a stock bike, Scott says

[He] had to make a couple tweaks (daddy doesn’t do carbon forks) and of course, taller bars

A man after my own heart!

Traditional cruiser bars: who needs ’em?

And not “doing carbon forks”?

I’ve mused before over whether BMX should or should not reduce its carbon footprint. I have considered using carbon in the past but in the end have always stuck with chromoly.

Good old fashioned chromoly forks.

(Don’t call it a comeback…they’ve been serving us well for years).

Scott definitely has a sweet a ride with mods that I can only say are “cruiser revolution-approved.” (For further, evidence peep my race ride here, to see a similar set up…DK frame, cro-mo forks and big bars….we’re birds of a feather apparently…)

For more on Scott, check out his Tumbler and Instagram accounts for daily updates on his biking-related exploits/riding adventures.

Bun buzzer: Bob Osborn approved

19 06 2015

I suspect if you’re under 35, you’re probably not going to get the Bob Osborn reference in the title.

Which makes me sad a little, as Bob Osborn was the driving force behind BMX Action magazine (R.I.P), the publication that set the gold standard for all BMX magazines that would follow in it’s wake.

Anyway, there’s a certain style of photo, and a certain style of riding, that just scream of that era.

The classic bun buzzer jump is just one example of this.

And once again, Scott Towne, and his Instagram account, come through with some good stuff.

In this case, it’s a shot of Sean Newton boosting a nice bun buzzer on a 24.

Pure old school style…something dear old Bob would certainly approve of, and want to immortalize in the pages of the mighty BMXA.

This might take a second to load-

Scott Towne rollin’ on a Stolen

9 06 2015

Just spotted this over on Instagram.

All-around renaissance man, Scott Towne is now rolling on a custom 24″ Stolen Gold.

Scott is well-known for his daily shred sessions, his work in the BMX industry and his stints in a variety of BMX publications.

The pics went up last night on his Instagram page and his Tumblr, fUNBRO, and I have to say his new rig looks pretty sweet.

View this post on Instagram

Big rig. @stolenbikeco

A post shared by Scott Towne (@scotttowne) on

Looking forward to seeing the big bike being incorporated into his daily shred sessions.

Scott Towne is not missing out

19 05 2010

Scott Towne needs no introduction. Holding down a slew of editorial positions at a number of BMX mags over the years, he’s been part of the BMX community for what seems like forever.  A bit out of the mainstream BMX spotlight at the moment he continues to ride his BMX and share his musings on his blog, the Deliverance Project.

I haven’t visited his blog in a while but after checking it out again it seems that Scott is still having a  good time on his bike and providing entertaining (and inspiring) words on his blog.

Take this post for instance.

It starts off with him rambling on about his new helmet but quickly changes to a comment about riding and how most everyday folks will never quite understand how satisfying it feels after a good session.

…rode until it was dark. I can’t describe how much satisfaction I get out of riding those jumps. Standing in line at the store to buy a couple beers afterward, dirty (probably more from mowing the lawn earlier) and soaked with sweat, with a big grin on my face. Each person I saw, all I could think was how much they were missing.*If only they knew what I had just finished doing. Not that they would be impressed with my riding, just that what I experienced had to be better than anything anyone else did on their Saturday evening. I wouldn’t trade it for anything…                                                                                                                                   * (italics mine)

Soaked with sweat with a big grin…who hasn’t been there after a good session?

Something so simple yet something that makes the everyday hum-drum bearable.

Scott Towne’s not missing out on the fun of riding and I hope you’re not either.

Photo from an interview that did with Scott Towne a while ago.

Great pic of Scott having fun on his bike.