Six years strong

14 11 2014

This week marks the six-year anniversary of this little blog about big wheeled BMX bikes.

6 number plateThanks for hanging out with me all these years.

Cheers everybody!




7 responses

14 11 2014

And i still look forward to these musing and articles.;)

14 11 2014
Michael Pavao

🚲 The best big wheeled website on this here Interweb! 🚲

15 11 2014

Keep it going.
I may not comment ever time but it’s the one email I look forward to the most!

16 11 2014

cheers buddy!

20 11 2014

Forever young , well done we appreciate your effort . Pete avalon beach sydney.

21 11 2014

Thanks for the kind words…and thank you for reading Cruiser Revolution!

23 11 2014

Same here i don’t always have a comment to make but i do look forward to these emails.

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