Throwback Thursday: Ted Emmer

6 11 2014

A  17-year old Ted Emmer takes on the Del Mar King Of The Skateparks contest aboard his cruiser.

A way back playback from 1984.

Ted Emmer


Friday flashback: Ted Emmer

15 11 2013

Way ahead of his time?

You bet.

Ted Emmer shredded the Del Mar skatepark on a 24″… back in 1984!

This pic (from the first issue of Freestylin’ magazine) is all kinds of awesome.

And check out those wheels…custom 71 spoke Z-rims!

Ted Emmer: a 24″ freestyle pioneer

18 08 2011

Think freestyle riding on a 24″ BMX bike is a new phenomenon?

Think again.

Ted Emmer was rocking a 24″ at the Del Mar skatepark back in 1984!

He even managed to score some coverage in the first edition of Freestylin’ magazine. (Check out the wheels…custom 71 spoke Z-rims!)

Here’s classic video from the King of the SkateParks Del Mar Contest:

(Stoked that Ed Koenning had this video and was able to post it.)