Al Cayne peeps the Truth Main Event 24

12 07 2016

Last summer we got the scoop on an up-and-coming BMX company called Truth BMX .

Based out of Maryland and run by two brothers, Eric and Tony Spears, the company was quickly making a name for themselves in the race scene.

What initially caught our eye back then were their cool looking 24″ race frames.

Well, it appears they caught the attention of Al Cayne as well.

Truth BMX Main Event Pro XL 24

At the recent Stars & Stripes National, Cayne caught up with Eric Spears to do a bike check of Eric’s built up Truth Main Event Pro XL 24.

Looks like Cayne is ready to embrace the Truth too!

Check it.


Eye-catching custom camo Standard 125r

7 03 2013

Stumbled upon this the other night while poking around the internet .

Crazy Al Cayne caught up with Tom Johnson at the New England nationals last year and gets the scoop on his custom camo Standard 125r cruiser.

tom-johnson CAC TV

The surprise that comes out in the bike check is that this isn’t a custom paint job–which I just assumed it was–but a custom sticker job!

Check out the video over on Al Cayne’s site for the rest of the details. (Sorry…won’t let me embed.)