Skyway surprises with a Black Gold T/A

26 03 2013

I was caught by surprise this weekend when I spotted the teaser photos of the yet-to-be released, limited edition, “BLACK GOLD”  24-inch T/A frame, fork and bar combo.

Black Gold Skyway TA

The parts are powder coated in black with a gold sparkle clear coat.

(Which you can see better in this closeup of the fork below.)

Black Gold Skyway TA fork

The gold sparkle is supposed to give the kit components a cool look in the sun (I guess we’ll have to see more photos to make that call).

Anyway, a pretty interesting departure from a company that counts old-school aficionados as their bread and butter.

I wonder what old-school purists will think about this move by Skyway…heck, I’m still getting my head around the idea of a Skyway T/A frame powder coated black (not to mention, the gold sparkles!).

What do you think?