Are you ready for some S&M next month?

18 02 2011

S&M Bikes just posted a new picture of the 2nd version of their prototype 24″ Dirt Bike. They’ve also let it drop that they would be available towards the end of next month.

I’m very interested to see what the final specs are on this bad boy…cause it looks like they’ve done some considerable tinkering and tweaking to the original prototype.




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18 02 2011

I want one of these in chrome!

18 02 2011

Any better than a Model C frame? Probably not

Anything newer than a Model C frame? Probably not

Geometry taken from a Model C frame? Probably

Stronger than a Model C frame? Probably not

Will it cost more than a Model C frame? Probably

Which frames are going to battle it out? This and the New Model C Wave

Why should I buy one of the New Model C Waves? Because its a Model C Wave

Why should I buy one of these S&M’s? Because its S&M

Are we all slaves to marketing? Probably

Which one would I prefer? The Model C or Model C wave, S&M are cool but, made in USA doesn’t guarantee anything now days as Taiwan has excellent tech wizardry now which out performs and out dates USA (can you make hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners in a rider owned factory)? Probably not

Whats the big thing about made in USA? Marketing Marketing and more Marketing

What is the Marketing selling? Prestige

Would I buy into the Prestige? No but, I don’t blame anyone else for doing so because we all have at some stage of our lives wether its clothes, phones or cars so it might as well be 24″ BMX Cruisers.

When the smoke clears we will all be glad that the Model C had proper competition!

18 02 2011

It’s all good Gus.

18 02 2011

Let it rain man. Haha, you have some good points. We absolutely live in a consumer society, always have… ever since the “new deal” that is. I still love S&M though, that’s just their whole philosophy. Gotta give them props, this bike is gonna be rockin. If your loyal to S&M, love 24s, and are sick of trying to work their only 24 inch frame (which is for racing) in park or street, this bike is an answer.

18 02 2011

Super pumped about all the new 24s coming out. This will be the season I upgrade from my older Mirraco 20Forty so I’ll be watching reviews closely.

Gus has it right though, the Model C is pretty much the gold standard.

18 02 2011

I’ve never tried the Model-C, but I’m not sure the high BB would make it for me. I think my Liquid is on point. I’d definitely like a test-ride of the Sunday though, especially now with the long tt…

18 02 2011

Get rid of the spacers and the top load stem, put on a redneck stem and a pair of slam bars and watch it go from cruiser to big bmx bike. The height zeros out and It looks soooooooo much better! Frame looks perfect!

18 02 2011

At first glance it looks line a 20″!
What forks do they have have on it?
How do I get Cruiser Revolution stickers? – really need to label up my bikes properly!

18 02 2011

Ian: Send your mailing address to and I’ll hook you up with some stickers (the finishing touch for any 24!)

18 02 2011

Looks sweet to me. I would totally buy into the marketing if I could afford, granted I would feel worse for being aware that “made in USA” doesn’t mean what it used to. I got a great deal on the p24, about as mass produced as it gets.

19 02 2011

Did you get the 8 1/2 bars too,we will be getting the 7 1/2 bars in a few weeks in exchange.Call your dealer.

19 02 2011

How do we know its going ride better than the model C? Sound like some nice E-riding to me. Geometry is dependent on the person. One mans ripper is another mans crapper. How we know is going to be stronger than the Model C? Until I see some actually destructive testing on both frames more E-speculation. Supertherm tubing that SandM uses is some very strong stuff that has some very impressive strength numbers.And yes made in the USA does matter to some people. Gutting the manufacturing base of the US is whats going to kill this country, but thats a whole other discussion. Regardless SandM has produced what looks to be a killer bike and I for one am pretty excited about it.

21 02 2011

Such a great point! Everything is so based on preference when it comes to geometry and set up. I have ridden a few different Model C’s that feel completely foreign to the way my personal Model C is set up. And on that same note, CMC’s Liquid feels the closest to my Model C and the geometry on both frames are not the same.
You may take this as “E-speculation”, but the 41Thermal heat treating used on the Wave C is the same heat treating process Sunday uses on their 20″ frames which has been tried and true for over 10 years now. I run pegs on my Wave C and haven’t had any issues with strength. And it feels sooooooo stiff carving cement parks.

19 02 2011

Hey Gus fair points really I was thinking a similar thing re geometry,the model C is a standard now But all the marketing stuff is about capitalism and that’s just how companies need to be to compete and survive. Made in America means Americans get jobs which is good for the economy as most companies generally head east where you get more for your money.No one can argue that Taiwan make good parts and can mass produce products to a high standard. I suppose it’s ultimately about choice. S&M are surviving in a competitive,cut throat market with their initial ideals and integrity intact. The choice is do you want to buy into it or not.

19 02 2011

nymeone, thats correct as S&M’s brother company FitBikeco also manufacture in Taiwan and are still reputable!

As I stated earlier, its all about marketing and choice.

You see, first class on the same airline as economy class doesn’t get you where you’re going any quicker but, the way its marketed and the prestige it has makes you ultimately feel like it should, of which you pay for in $$$or£££

19 02 2011

I have a very very cool 24″ BMX that I would hardly call a cruiser as its more like a bigger much more stable but, nimble 20″ BMX <<<(MARKETING)

Its really all just a trick of the mind, the ideal is to see the tricks that companies play and decide wether or not you want to be fooled. Don't let them decide for you because if you blink they will!

26 02 2011

Gus, you are forgetting something call BRAND LOYALTY. Its what makes people buy the same brands over and over. It doesnt necessarily have anything to do with marketing, or trickery, or anything else, although to some people it might, (some). We buy these bikes because its what we know, what we can trust, and what we like to ride.

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