Old meets new

7 07 2016

I snagged this pic from the SE Instagram feed.

@rednosegoham (with some serious POP!) bunny hopping the 2017 SE So Cal Flyer over the 2010 “$100 Bill Wrap” OM Flyer .

SE Old meets News @rednosegoham

Old meets new.

But then again, do high bunny hops ever get old?

Sunday puts more umph into their bars

14 06 2011

If you’re a fan of Sunday’s 24umph bars (like I am) but want to add a smidge more height to your front end, you’re in luck. The new Sunday 24umph XL bars are now available!

You might remember the teaser photo back in February on the Sunday site. Back then, Jim C. said they made bunnyhops easier and let him pop into nose wheelies better. Could they do the same for you?

The specs:

  • 7.75″ rise
  • 28″ wide
  • 12 degrees backsweep
  • 4 degrees upsweep

For now, they’re only available in black. A vapor blue version will follow in a couple of months.