Sunday puts more umph into their bars

14 06 2011

If you’re a fan of Sunday’s 24umph bars (like I am) but want to add a smidge more height to your front end, you’re in luck. The new Sunday 24umph XL bars are now available!

You might remember the teaser photo back in February on the Sunday site. Back then, Jim C. said they made bunnyhops easier and let him pop into nose wheelies better. Could they do the same for you?

The specs:

  • 7.75″ rise
  • 28″ wide
  • 12 degrees backsweep
  • 4 degrees upsweep

For now, they’re only available in black. A vapor blue version will follow in a couple of months.




12 responses

14 06 2011

Good looking bars! I wish I had a local shop to carry them.

15 06 2011

Funny, I ride a Model-C with 8.25 in bars an upside down stem, 5mm headset spacer and it feels perfect. I’m 6ft btw

15 06 2011

I would like to see some pics of your Model C. I have the 2011 Model C pro and want a taller bar. I was going to get the Odyssey Lumberjack but was affraid it would be too big at 8.25. Thanks

16 06 2011

Id send you a picture of my setup if there is a way to do it here

16 06 2011

You can always post up pics on the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page: (

16 06 2011

Hi Mike, I have a model c and use the tall T bars with a profile stem that has a 0.5″ offset down. My bars are 8.75″ rise. The bars suit my 6’2″ frame. Happy to send pics – what is your e-mail address. I’m on Ridemonkey as iksmudge if you want to pm.

15 06 2011

I’m 6’4″ and have been using GrandSlams on my rig with no worries.

16 06 2011

I want to know what the height of his grips are from the ground. Or if anyone else wants to measure their grip height (top of the grip to the ground), that would be cool too. 🙂

16 06 2011

I just measured it at 39-3/4″ with my 8.25″ bars and 2.1″ tire at the front.

16 06 2011

i use S&M slam xlt’s(8.0″) on my avenger which has similar geometry to the model c. planning on getting the WTP 4 pc bars at 8.25.

16 06 2011

I had the 7.8 WTP Everlites on my model c some time ago, they where sweet but, I was after the 8.25 in chrome ones it never happened because I think they have stopped making them now!

29 10 2011
Brad Hendershot

anybody know if these will fit my 24″ eastern traildigger the same or r they to high

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