Very nice: Vapor Blue Wave-C

13 04 2011

Vapor Blue Wave-C frames have hit the Sunday Bikes warehouse.

They match the Vapor Blue forks that you saw here first in March.

Looking fresh.

And like the Black Magic version, it’s available in 21.25″ and 22″ top tube lengths.

For more on the color blue, click here for a special word from Will Ferrell.




5 responses

13 04 2011

Now if they can make the forks with the brake post in the same color.

14 04 2011

Not to sound like an old fart but I’m turning into one,I miss the days of when you bought a frame you’d get the fork too!

14 04 2011

what I miss is the frame, fork and bars being the same color. I “almost” didn’t buy my Liquid because I couldn’t get the forks in the bubblegum blue.

19 04 2011

Can Sunday get a picture of the new fork with 990 mounts? What happened to the S&M fork with 990 mounts? Slackers!!! I don’t care to see a video of your team rider dressed like a hipster! Give us a fork!

14 06 2011
Sunday puts more umph into their bars « cruiser revolution

[…] now, they’re only available in black. A vapor blue version will follow in a couple of […]

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