Too Big Tuesday?

23 10 2018

It might be #TwoFourTuesday today…but having just had a look at Sebastian Keep‘s latest video…we might want to call it #TooBigTuesday.

I don’t know if it was inspired by bikes like the Big Ripper (or perhaps the Fat Ripper) but Sebastian’s friend Krazy_Keef¬†built himself a supersized version of a classic Mongoose that trumps those type of bikes by a bit siz-wise.

Heck, Keep and his crew can barely straddle the top tube!

And the bars, while normal looking, end up in ape hanger territory when attached to this bike fit for King Kong.

Of course, Keep and the crew take the bike to a couple skateparks because…I dunno….so hilarity can ensue?

Check out to  this vid to see how the big bike handles the local bowls.

I have a feeling Keep might not be trading his personal bike for one of these.



Getting in the game with Lukas Spies

2 02 2016

Excuses are like…well, you know the expression…everyone’s got one.

You hear them from people on the fence about getting into — or back into — riding.

“I’m too old”

“It’s too dangerous”

“I can’t afford it”

“I’m out of shape”

You’ve heard them all before.

I’m going to go out on a limb here (not really) and say that Lukas Spies has never even whispered one of these excuses.

In this video, Lukas, who just happens to be an above-the-knee amputee, orders himself an entry-level DK (sadly, a model no longer available) to show how anybody can “get in the game.”

He then goes on to demonstrate how this is done…with just a few bucks, some elbow grease and the willingness to go for it in the local skatepark.

Lukas Spies air

If Lukas Spies can find a way to overcome the excuses to get in the game…what’s holding you back?

Nikos Garyfallos shreds BluEnigma Bowl

30 06 2015

With Greece in the headlines so much over the last few days (for economic reasons), it was cool to receive a message from Nikos Garyfallos recently with some good news…specifically, some awesome riding facilities in Greece.

And not only that…Nikos included some great shots of himself shredding those spots on his custom cruiser.

Nikos Garyfallos cr

Nikos is a mechanical engineer by trade and also a long-time bike rider.

The place he’s riding at is the BluEnigma Hotel in the village of Apikia, on the island of Andros.

Nikos Garyfallos BW

Back in 2010, he set out to rejuvenate the family business (the hotel) and while doing so, added in elements of his own personality…namely, unique riding structures for BMX, MTB and Skateboarding.

(People staying at BluEnigma have full access to both the Enigma Bowl and Gratitude Trails.)

According to Nikos, the riding facilities have been set up be very flow-y with endless lines. Both look super dialed!

Definitely¬† a place I’d like to check out if/when I ever get out to that part of the world!

Friday flashback: Ted Emmer

15 11 2013

Way ahead of his time?

You bet.

Ted Emmer shredded the Del Mar skatepark on a 24″… back in 1984!

This pic (from the first issue of Freestylin’ magazine) is all kinds of awesome.

And check out those wheels…custom 71 spoke Z-rims!

Spreading the good word in Sin City

8 01 2013

Mike Leonard‘s been holding it down in Las Vegas for some time now.

Always spreading the good word and reppin’ the 24″ at the skateparks, the trails and the 4130 Sin City Rides.

Mike’s also been on a bit of a tear lately…putting in some serious riding at Bootleg Canyon and Anthem Skatepark.

Sal Alvarado, a rad MTB rider in his own right, has been right there with him and has started to snap a few pictures along the way to document the action.

Here’s just a few of the good ones that have surfaced the past few days after a session at Anthem. I have a feeling there’s more to come of this stuff in 2013!

Busting on the big table at Anthem.

Mike Leonard bustin on the Big Table at Anthem!

Hitting the twinkie hip*

Mike Leonard hitting the twinkie hip at Anthem

*an alternate caption could be: Tail tap on the light pole to front wheel tap on the sun (kinda looks that way, don’t it?)

Throwing a little steez over the big table

Mike Leonard steez over the big table at Anthem

For more on Mike, check out the Cruiser Revolution Facebook page  for a pic of him airing out over Bootleg Canyon (December 23rd post).