Hellcat loose in Las Vegas

4 02 2011

Thousands of tourists flock to Las Vegas every day in search of  fun and good times.

What many of them miss seeing, however, is the cool bike-friendly terrain ready to be sessioned just beyond the bright lights of the strip.

From skateparks, to dirt, to just cruising the strip…Vegas has something for any rider.

Vegas local, Mike Leonard is making the most of what Vegas has to offer on his Free Agent Hellcat 24.

Because sometimes you just have to be a local to know where the real fun is.

Mike Leonard rolls the dice on a rail hop in Vegas




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4 02 2011

The “Dick and Balls Bowl” by Pro Park was one of the weirdest/awesomest things I have ever ridden. There are sooo many sweet cement parks in Vegas.

8 02 2011

i agree with u on the dick and balls bowl. it was a little awkward for me. LoL

6 02 2011

I would really like to know how the SE OM Flyer stacks up against the We The People Avenger? If anyone knows or could test them side by side that would be awesome.

8 02 2011

Ouzts: what kind of riding are planning on doing?

8 02 2011

How funny. Havent been on here in a few days and look what i come across. Yeah vegas and all surrounding cities really cater to all forms of bike riding. I love this town. Henderson, where i live is about to put up their 6th skate/bike park and again they are having it designed by the guys at Spohns ranch. At that same park they are gonna have MTB trails that connect to the paved bike trails that weave through the city. I cant wait cuz this park will be right down the street from me.

8 02 2011

i think you may have helped boost vegas tourism. LoL

8 02 2011

Hey, if it boosts tourism maybe they’ll build even more parks! Stoked that you’re making the most of what Vegas and the surrounding area has to offer.

Keep shredding!

8 02 2011

My bad: photo credit for the above pic should go to another rad Vegas local, Jason Lee Sr.

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2 04 2012

wow….who wrote that??

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