Nikos Garyfallos shreds BluEnigma Bowl

30 06 2015

With Greece in the headlines so much over the last few days (for economic reasons), it was cool to receive a message from Nikos Garyfallos recently with some good news…specifically, some awesome riding facilities in Greece.

And not only that…Nikos included some great shots of himself shredding those spots on his custom cruiser.

Nikos Garyfallos cr

Nikos is a mechanical engineer by trade and also a long-time bike rider.

The place he’s riding at is the BluEnigma Hotel in the village of Apikia, on the island of Andros.

Nikos Garyfallos BW

Back in 2010, he set out to rejuvenate the family business (the hotel) and while doing so, added in elements of his own personality…namely, unique riding structures for BMX, MTB and Skateboarding.

(People staying at BluEnigma have full access to both the Enigma Bowl and Gratitude Trails.)

According to Nikos, the riding facilities have been set up be very flow-y with endless lines. Both look super dialed!

Definitely  a place I’d like to check out if/when I ever get out to that part of the world!




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