24″ Pitchforks with 990 mounts are here!

22 03 2011

Just got word that S&M now has 24″ Pitchforks available (in stock) in black, red and white….with and without 990 mounts.

Chrome is expected in a week or so.

A new 24″ Race Fork with tapered legs is also now in stock.

You’re not reading this anymore now, are you? At this point, you’re probably just looking at the picture.

But who can blame you? She’s a beauty.

Contact S&M for all the details.

More teasers from S&M

22 02 2011

Just heard some more news on the upcoming S&M 24″ Dirt Bike.

Looks like they’re going with the 21.7″ top tube (although a longer version may come later) and 14.7″ rear end.

Bottom bracket height will be 13″.

Chrome will take you home

The first run of frames will be available in red, black and chrome(!) with retro Dirt Bike graphics.

Forks will be in black and chrome.

But wait, there’s more…

They’ve done some tweaking to their low-rise Slam Bars and have come up with a bar that works better with their new frame (6.75″ X 28″).

And finally, what I wasn’t expecting….but was super excited to hear…they’ll be doing a run of 24″ Pitchforks with 990 mounts!