More teasers from S&M

22 02 2011

Just heard some more news on the upcoming S&M 24″ Dirt Bike.

Looks like they’re going with the 21.7″ top tube (although a longer version may come later) and 14.7″ rear end.

Bottom bracket height will be 13″.

Chrome will take you home

The first run of frames will be available in red, black and chrome(!) with retro Dirt Bike graphics.

Forks will be in black and chrome.

But wait, there’s more…

They’ve done some tweaking to their low-rise Slam Bars and have come up with a bar that works better with their new frame (6.75″ X 28″).

And finally, what I wasn’t expecting….but was super excited to hear…they’ll be doing a run of 24″ Pitchforks with 990 mounts!




13 responses

23 02 2011

Are these going to be available as frame/fork only, or will they be doing complete bikes?

23 02 2011

I believe it’s just frame/fork.

26 02 2011

Uh oh! Better start collecting parts. Anyone want to buy a restored ’93 Floval Flyer? so I can fund the new Dirt Bike…
530 917 3344

23 02 2011

Pretty close to the p24,(21.6 TT), (15.1 CS), (13.1 BB).

23 02 2011

Yes!Pitchforks with mounts!

23 02 2011

Sounds cool. It’s awesome to see some more companies take the cruiser seriously. But I still think Liquid has the best 24″ geometry out there – short chain stays and a bb height that makes sense. Even Liquid’s handlebar height makes the most sense. When you think about it, 6″ bars would be the equivalent of 10″ bars on a 20 inch… or maybe 9″ bars if you factor in the higher bb. Cruiser bars have always been shorter because the front wheel is 4 inches taller!

23 02 2011

That’s true but you have to factor in bb height to make sure your feet and hands are at the same relative touch points. So a model c with 8″ bars would feel the same as say a liquid with 6.5″ bars – relatively speaking!

23 02 2011

A dude who I ride with rides T1 Paul B bars on his Liquid and those are an 8.25″ rise/28.8″ wide. It’s all in what strokes your boat. His bike felt awesome when I rode it, but at the time I had 8″ rise Sunday bars on my Model C. I am now back to the 7 1/4″ rise 24umphs but would like another 1/4″ or so. Just like errrrybody in the club getting tipsy, errrybody has different preferences when it comes to 24″ set ups.

24 02 2011

I redid your math, and I’m sorry to say you’re wrong ;). 24″ have the wheel centers 2″ higher than 20″. Considering the Liquid has a 12.7″ BB, so basically an inch below most 20″ frames. Therefore, you add 2″ and then substract one, so bars on your Liquid would need to be an inch lower to feel the same on a 20″.

23 02 2011

Sign me up. I’ll take the forks and a frame.

Reminds me of The Cure’s “Friday I’m in love”

“Sunday always comes too late….”

23 02 2011

This is great news, the more companies that do this, the better. So now we have the choice of 2 forks, yay!

23 02 2011

How about disc tabs?

26 02 2011

Now THAT is a great idea.

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