Hometown Heroes

12 09 2016

The big USA BMX/BMX Canada show came to town this weekend in the form of the Maple Leaf Nationals, hosted by my home track, Milton BMX.

Weather threatened to derail the show earlier in the day on Saturday (due to some heavy rain) but thanks to some good tarping the night before and a hard-working volunteer crew the weekend went off with only a tiny rain delay.

My good friend Steve Di Monte was also there photographing the proceedings. Steve’s no slouch on the cruiser either, so he’s got a good eye for BMX Action (peep this pic of him breathing down my neck in race a few years back).

A lot of Milton locals were in the mix in the big wheel classes which it made it extra fun for the crowd.

So for your viewing pleasure I thought I would share some of the cruiser action that Steve captured from the weekend.

First up 41-45 cruiser.

Hometown hero Mike Galivan leading into the first turn. Mike and Race Inc.’s Dan Hurley had some good races this weekend which made this a fun moto to watch.


Next up,  46-50 cruiser.

Paul “T-Bone” Schiavone told me between motos he had slimmed down a bit and it had really helped his racing. The proof was in the pudding because Paul was near the front today (that’s him in second in the Stay Strong colors). Nice work T-Bone.

Andy Caswell, another local fast cat, is in the mix too and sporting an ever-so-stylish Haro mouthguard. Extra style points for Andy.

46-50-cruiser-caswell-t-boneIn 36-40 cruiser, Julio Rodriguez and Ryan Haydar were battling every moto.

This one in particular was one for the ages.

Julio barely escapes going over the berm and threads the needle to continue the battle down the second straight.


To cap things off,  local boy Gary Quill got the nod for the official event sticker.


Granted, he’s not on a cruiser but it’s still a pretty cool honor for a swell guy I have the good fortune to ride with on a regular basis.

It also gave us plenty of ammunition to razz him with.

All in all, a good weekend of BMX.

Hats off to Milton BMX, BMX Canada and all the racers.

Race Inc. returns

2 12 2015

Race Inc., an iconic BMX brand, was a mainstay in the BMX world back in the late 70s to the early 80s.

Now, some 40 years later, Race Inc. is back with new modern race frames…all sporting the iconic Race Inc. logo of the past.

Race Inc logoIf you were at the Grands (or caught coverage of the Grands) you might have spotted some of the new Race Inc. frames on display during the race.

race inc frames grands

This has created a bit of buzz in certain circles…no doubt driven in part by old schoolers nostalgia for the brand.

Currently, the company is racing (see what I did there?) to update their website.

What we do know is that the frames will come in a range of sizes, including Cruiser.

In the mean time, they have posted the following update to their Facebook page:

We currently have a limited number of frames in various sizes, but have planned for an additional order that should arrive in February 2016. The cost will be $495.00, plus $20.00 shipping. They will come in red, silver, blue, black and gold anodized finish. Raw frames can also be requested.

24″ frames will come in following sizes: Pro, Cruiser, Pro XL Cruiser and Pro XXL Cruiser. Specific frame specifications will be on our website update.

I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about the new frames…and their specs/geometry.

race inc head tube badge

One more thing, take a look at these new head tube badges. Sweetness!