3 crazy cruiser crashes caught on video

17 02 2011

If you want the ultimate, you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price — Point Break

The fact is, no one rides for free.

Every ride has the potential for calamity…sometimes you end up paying the price, and crashing.

Here’s a look back at some of the craziest cruiser crashes caught on video (and a quick reminder to wear your gear)!

3. Mid-race flair

I bet this guy didn’t think he would be pulling a flair on this day…in full race leathers!

2. A killer snap

In racing, getting a killer snap is usually a compliment. In this case

1. Jose Yanez tribute during Cruiser main at UCI Worlds

Jose Yanez was the first guy to successfully pull flips on a BMX bike. He rocked clips on his pedals to make it happen. These days the only BMX riders using clips are racers. It’s only fitting then that the Junior Men’s Cruiser final at the UCI Worlds showcased a tribute to Yanez’s pioneering efforts. A stunning demonstation of flips in his honor.

Honorable mentions

Coming up a little short

Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla made a name for himself jumping off houses. A true contrarian, this fella decided to take the opposite route. Looks like he came up a little short.

Berm warfare

Fighting always seems to bring fans to their feet in hockey. Could it work in BMX?  Let’s find out.




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