I just love a good tabletop photo

17 11 2010

The classic tabletop never gets old.

At the trails, off a curb or at the skatepark…it’s all good.

Wayne Keller with a cool sequence shot of a skatepark table.

To see the tabletop sequence in action, check out the last few seconds of this vid.

The super-long hang five that starts the vid is pretty impressive too.

To see what else Wayne is getting up to check out his blog, carrot-bag.blogspot.com.



9 responses

17 11 2010

Wayne – what tires are you running?
thanks man,

17 11 2010


17 11 2010

Smooth riding.

18 11 2010

thanks Buddy…at my age just walking is a challenge, much less riding every day….

18 11 2010

khe mac 2s, got over 2500 miles so far this year, no problems at all…wish they would send me some freebies though…

18 11 2010

tables will never go outta style.

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