Supercross set to release 24″ carbon frame

28 10 2019

Supercross BMX dropped the big news over the weekend.

A 24″ version of the carbon ENVY BLK 2 is in production. (In fact, team riders already have them in their hands!)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a race company take the leap and bring their 24s into the carbon fold (Was Prophecy BMX the last one? No wait, it was Speedco ).

This is a good looking ride.

Based on their 20″ version, I think we’re going to see some positive reviews when people get their hands on these.

Starting off with one size for now, the Pro XL (which sports a 22″ top tube)¬† seems a smart move, due to the tooling costs of carbon. It will allow Supercross to gauge demand and refine it (if need be) before jumping to other sizes.

It’s a bit spendy at $1395 US for the frame but then again all carbon frames are…and if you’re looking for the ultimate in race performance, sometimes¬† you have to pay the toll to rock n’ roll.

You can check out the specs and the rest of the details over on the Supercross BMX site.

In the mean time, I’m hoping to see one these rigs in action when one of their team riders unleashes it at an upcoming National.


Win from lane 8, double the prize money

15 04 2015

While most BMX racing rule changes are met (at least by me) with expressions of frustration…or at best, a barely suppressed yawn…the new UCI “Double Dice” rule is something that has made me sit up and take notice.

UCI BMX and Elite Trax, are adding a new spin to the Pro payout for the 2015 Supercross series:

Doubling the prize money for anybody  winning from lane 8!

This has the potential to do some really interesting things to Pro main events. Race strategy/training is definitely going be thrown for a loop. For starters, we’re going to see a heck of a lot more high-low passes in the first turn!

supercross gate

Granted, this has little effect on the cruiser classes for now but I’m curious to see if this kind of incentive filters down to other races and categories.

In any event, Pro BMX racing just got a whole lot more interesting this year.


From Olympic Games to video games

15 08 2012

In the wake of BMX’s much hyped second appearance in the Olympics, it seems only fitting that BMX racing has finally made it’s way into the video game arena.

It’s doing so by way of Turborilla’s Mad Skills BMX (a sort of followup game to their Mad Skills Motocross game). Supercross BMX, Fly Racing, Kicker, Go Pro, and Red Bull have all lent their support to this game so it promises to be good.

Of course, there are have been a number of BMX video game titles available through the years…most notably Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX and (gasp!) BMX XXX…but this is the first time we’re seeing something more racing focused ( there is still a liberal helping of jumping, tricks, etc. to keep things interesting though).

Sure beats Excitebike, that’s for sure.