Win from lane 8, double the prize money

15 04 2015

While most BMX racing rule changes are met (at least by me) with expressions of frustration…or at best, a barely suppressed yawn…the new UCI “Double Dice” rule is something that has made me sit up and take notice.

UCI BMX and Elite Trax, are adding a new spin to the Pro payout for the 2015 Supercross series:

Doubling the prize money for anybody  winning from lane 8!

This has the potential to do some really interesting things to Pro main events. Race strategy/training is definitely going be thrown for a loop. For starters, we’re going to see a heck of a lot more high-low passes in the first turn!

supercross gate

Granted, this has little effect on the cruiser classes for now but I’m curious to see if this kind of incentive filters down to other races and categories.

In any event, Pro BMX racing just got a whole lot more interesting this year.





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