Is Call of Duty part of the X Games now?

30 04 2014

I don’t know what to make of this.

Ride BMX and other media outlets are reporting that there’s going to be a Call of Duty video game event at the upcoming X Games in Austin.

It’s sad to think that flatland, downhill BMX racing (remember that?) and dirt has fallen by the wayside over the last number of years only to have something like this added in.

I guess you gotta leverage those Doritos sponsorships one way or the other.

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Ride BMX interviews Jim Cielencki

26 05 2012

Ride BMX just posted their Friday Interview with Jim Cielencki of Sunday Bikes.

It’s a great read. Jim talks about Sunday Bikes, moves he’s pioneered, his influences, past trips and even a little bit on 24″ riding.

In the interview, Jim says,

“I’ve always been into riding tight set ups and trying to ride the 24″ in tight set ups is even better. ” 

You don’t need any more evidence than the  pic above, with a perfectly executed fufanu on a super tight quarter.

But that’s not to say that Jim doesn’t also like to go big.

Check out this big bank to wall ride (also from the interview).

For the full interview, check out  Ride BMX.

(All pictures above by Andrew Brady, Ride BMX)

Mid-school flashback: Homeless Fatty 24

5 01 2012

Just spotted this rare frame in a thread on BMXmuseum: the Homeless Fatty 24.

That’s right….Homeless Bikes made a 24.

Word has it that this frame, featured in a Ride BMX ad in August 1995,  is one of the (only) three manufactured. (That’s it leaning against the car.)

Talk about a once in a lifetime find.

For more on this frame, check out the thread on BMXmuseum.

Mirraco 20Forty gets a new look

6 08 2010

Ride BMX recently posted something on the 2011 Mirraco lineup that  included their 24″ complete, the 20forty. Looks pretty good in the flat black and red (the two different coloured wheels is a cool touch too).

Here’s the rundown of the specs (so far):

  • integrated headset
  • full chromoly bars and fork
  • three-piece chromoly crankset
  • sealed mid BB
  • Black Label Graduate plastic pedals
  • Black Label Slimfast 25t alloy sprocket
  • 21.3″ top tube

Mirraco is in the process of updating their site, so I suspect full bike specs will be posted when that goes live.

I’m little leery that there’s no mention of the frame material while the bars and fork are listed as full chromoly. I’m hoping that’s just an oversight and not a case where some high-ten steel tubing is getting snuck  in. If anybody has an “in” at Mirraco to find out, let me know.

24″ news from Ride, Sunday & Odyssey

9 03 2009

I guess you can call this your weekend wrap post.

Ride BMX ran a bike check and mini-interview with Jim C. from Sunday Bikes on Friday. There are some great shots of the Model-C and Jim does a good job of explaining the differences between riding a 20″ and a 24″ bike in the interview.  I’m pretty stoked to see that the 24umph bars featured in the bike check were 28″ wide…I’m looking for a pair of wide cruiser bars, so if they’re in the 6.5″ height range…well, let’s just say my interest is piqued.

In other Sunday Bikes news, the new trailer for Up, Up and Away is out…with the Model-C making an appearance in the end. Nice.  Karl Poynter is also leaving the Sunday team but not before getting a few runs on the ol’ cruiser (as you can see in the picture below). Abubaca!


Odyssey also has some pics floating around the interweb of the new 24″ hazard lite rims and 24 inch Aitken tire samples.

And that’s about it for today. Till next time…play safe and keep the rubber side down.