4 more years…of Cruiser Revolution!

14 11 2012

Oh boy…has it been four years already?

It really does blow my mind how quick the time goes.

I want to thank everybody for the support over these past four years.

I really appreciate the great comments, pictures, and emails that help this site what it is today.

Let’s keep this going for four more years…and beyond.

Cheers everybody.

(Yes, it’s true…I have used this image before. But it happens to be one of my favorites and the four beer glasses seem to go with the 4-year anniversary theme…so I hope you’ll forgive me.)

Party favors

While I’d prefer for us to celebrate properly over a couple beers after a fun riding session, the logistics are a little problematic.

To make up for it, I’m going to pass along a couple discount codes to use at the Cruiser Revolution store.
They’re good for Cruiser Revolution t-shirts and other assorted CR merch:

  • Coupon: $10Winter2012
    Save $10 off your order of $50+
  • Coupon: $5Winter2012
    $5 off your order of $30+

Not sure how long I can keep them going, so make sure you let your family know that you want a Cruiser Revolution t-shirt for Christmas (and they should order now!).




8 responses

14 11 2012
peter (gadget)

Congrats on 4 years. Do you know how many people follow your blog ? The reason i ask, is hope you know that even if you dont always get a lot of comments people like me are always following it. Keep up the revolution.!Peter , Avalon Beach Aust.

14 11 2012

Cheers from Cologne!
(hehe, I´m first to congratulate you)


14 11 2012
peter (gadget)

Sorry Aurelian looks like you got silver.

15 11 2012


15 11 2012

Congrats, after seeing the Sunday up up and away video, Jim C was tearing up on a model c, I knew I had to have a 24! My point here is that after finding this site, I get to see even more great 24 riding, 24 pics, and great 24 info! Another 4 more years, hell with that, lets have another 24 more great years!!! Keep up the great work and stay rad Cruiser Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 11 2012

Please keep going!
Love this blog as it really cheers me up.
This is especially the case as I drift more towards my later years!
Will keep riding until I can’t, though I’m no longer attempting anything like tricks or air anymore. Glad to sit back, cruise out and let the young grow old.
Many, many thanks for getting me back into bmx!

16 11 2012

Thanks for the kind words! It’s been a great four years…not a day goes by that I don’t get something positive out of this blog…whether it’s a funny comment, a cool picture or a story of someone picking up a bike again after reading through the site…it continues to bring a smile to my face. Thanks for making it all worthwhile.

16 11 2012

Yes, Yes,congrats….

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