Skyway 24″ Tuff Wheels are back

23 06 2011

After  25 years, Skyway is once again rolling out 24″ Tuff Wheels from their Redding, California factory.

The catch is that it’s a limited run of just 100 sets.

They will be available in black, white, red and blue (25 sets of each color) and feature original NOS alloy flange hubs that have been locked away at Skyway for 25 years.

Personally, I find the black mag/skinwall tire look totally badass. If I had the room in my stable for an old school 24″ cruiser, I’d be all over these.  Take a look at this vintage BMX Action pic of Richie Anderson battling Greg Hill…those wheels just look mean.

For more details on these wheels and information on how to order them, contact




13 responses

23 06 2011
Brett David Foster

so RAD.
I cant believe u own a site called cruiser revolution and you dont have an old school cruiser in your quiver!

24 06 2011

Well, I do have a looptail WTP Unified frame with an National Pro style gusset that I could build up…hmmm…now you’ve got me thinking.

23 06 2011

Just look at those raised seats. THAT is how a seat should be people – R A I S E D, oh yes.

23 06 2011
Matthew Chavez

I might ride those on a current day cruiser.
+1 for a raised seat!

24 06 2011

They probably don’t come with 14mm rear axle.

24 06 2011

yeah, probably also won’t have small cog/freewheel compatibility.

26 06 2011

I had some white ones of these on a chrome looptail WTP Unified (check it out at BMXMuseum)
They looked real nice but, they didn’t like high pressure in the tyres, it caused them to warp and buckle!

3 10 2011

Anyone experience “out of round”-ness on the new school skyway 24s? I have both white and yellow pair and both seem to “wobble” when applying the brake (V-brakes), thus making them unstable and wobbly when braking, as well as leaving uneven brake pad buildup on the sidewalls. the spots they are uneven are the same location on both sides, as it appears the wheels are mounted straight and brake arms / tensions are dialed. Anyone dealt with this condition?

24 06 2015
Mike Graham

I have a set of 24″ mags, yes they brake terribly. Wobbly as hell.

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