Is FitBikeCo tripping?

3 06 2019

In some ways this was unexpected…but in other ways, perfectly in line with S&M Bikes/FitBikeCo style antics.

When overbuilt frames were a thing, S&M responded with the Heavy as Fuck frame. When things veered in the other direction, the Light  as Fuck frame came into being.

Now with 26″ BMX cruisers having an extended moment in the sun….partly helped along by the #BikeLife movement….the folks at The Building, specifically FitBikeCo are set to introduce the 26″ Tripper later this summer.

And yes, if you think they’re trolling SE and Todd Lyons a bit here….well, I can’t speak for FitBikeCo, but signs point to yes, that seems to be happening.


From the name, an obvious takeoff of the iconic “PK Ripper“…to the colorways “Stu Blue” and Gloss Black with Gold Anno…you know what  style they’re trying to evoke.



Heck, Dougie Darrah even has the iconic OM BMX skid on lock already!


I guess it was only a matter of time for Chris Moeller to cook this up, given the success of their Pounding Beer forks (another SE sendup)

I’m kinda curious to see how Todd Lyons is going to respond to this…are we gonna see some dust ups between the two of them?

Similar to the old “run-ins” Chris Moeller and Harry Leary used to have back in the 80s ?

I’m looking forward to finding out.




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3 06 2019

Looks good. Wondering why they did 25/10. With 26” wheels, that’s 65 gear inches. Haul ass on street rides. But not great for swerving wheelies in a slow mob or traffic. I’m guessing FIT already had access to a supply of 25t sprockets and rear hubs with 10t cogs (from the BF22”).

3 06 2019

I think the BF22 is 25/9…I could be wrong…

3 06 2019
Mike Mc

Nah they are just playing catchup to SE like everyone has been for 40 years.

5 06 2019

I think Todd and Chris go back to far to have beef. Now the corporate people at SE might get sore but I don’t foresee any problems. BMX shouldn’t be that serious.

27 05 2020
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