You do double peg stalls like a girl

5 05 2009

Remember in grade school, if you threw a baseball funny, they would say, “you throw like a girl”. Now apply this line of thinking to BMX, specifically this vid of Natalie Wade demonstratingĀ  how to do double peg stalls. She’s funny (in a good way) and can do some nice peg stalls. Considering how squirrely some of the kids at the local park are, learning how to double peg stall like a girl (like Natalie) would be a step in the right direction.

Here’s another one that gives you the 411 on disasters…and apparently the importance of a good grooming and a hearty breakfast.

And who is this Natalie Wade? She’sĀ  married to some guy named Morgan Wade…word on the street says he’s no slouch on a bike either.