Life in the Fastlane

12 05 2009

It seems like most of my favorite magazines these days are from the UK (BMX or otherwise). I don’t know if it’s because everybody in North America has jumped on the social media wagon or what …but I don’t think it’s just me, it seems like the best magazines are coming out of the UK. Fastlane BMX is a prime example. Great photos, good rider interviews, bright and colorful layout and…in issue #2, a cruiser bike check! When’s the last time you’ve seen that?

koxx cruisr bike check fastlane bmx

The bike check features Groove shop owner, Marke Seaman’s tricked out Koxx cruiser, complete with an awesome paint job. This alone might be something worth checking out the magazine for. You can order it (the mag, not the cruiser) online with PayPal…I did it and got it lickety-split… just a couple of days.  Check it out.