Freestyle BMX in 2012 London Olympics

6 02 2009

What is going on here? is reporting that the 2012 Olympics will feature Freestyle BMX! Seeing racing hit the Olympic big time was one thing…but freestyle? That’s pretty incredible. I wonder if  the Olympic powers-that-be will be able to handle the notorious “free-spirited” antics of the average freestyle superstar. We’ll see…

olympic-bmxBMX racing hit the Olympic stage last summer

In a weird coincidence, I stumbled across this today as well:

the beast

the beast

Never mind that the bike will give you whiplash from ’80s nostalgia…look at the numberplate….is it just coincidence that these two items surfaced on the same day? We may be in the end times…



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18 07 2012
Didn’t Coca-Cola get the memo? « cruiser revolution

[…] there were rumors a while back that freestyle might make it into the Olympics but that hasn’t panned out. Now here we are a couple weeks out for the Olympics and we have a […]

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