Shedding some light on The Lantern Ride

1 12 2010

With the days getting shorter, time at the trails can be at premium.

What’s a BMXer to do?

Buddy and his friends in Texas seem to have found the answer.

The Lantern Ride.

Once a week, they ride till ten at night. Everyone brings a lantern (hence the name, Lantern Ride) and hangs it in a tree.

The owner of Liquor bikes was there recently and shot this pic of Buddy airing out over the double.  Sweet!

Super-cool idea and great way to extend your time at the trails. I know it’s already got me thinking about buying a lantern or two (and maybe some night vision goggles).

For more pics from the Lantern Ride, check out the Liquor Bikes site.

Shop owner knows his stuff

27 08 2010

Ever walk into a bike shop and get the feeling the guy behind the counter doesn’t quite “get” BMX?

Much less 24″ BMX?

I have a hunch that’s not going to be much of an issue if you shop at the Peddler Bike Shop in Austin, Texas.

Check out long-time BMX rider/Peddler Bike Shop owner, A.J. Camp, on a stock 24″ We the People Avenue from his shop.

Sweet table out of the bowl in Cedar Park, Texas.

Pic courtesy of CMC.

Liquid frames aren’t just for the trails

11 08 2010

To date most of the pictures and webclips featuring Liquid Bikes have been pretty trails-oriented.

Made me kind of curious to see how it would handle in the street and in skateparks.

I guess I can stop wondering.

CMC from Austin shows that, with a couple of pegs thrown on, the Liquid Feedback becomes a capable street/park machine. (Photos originally posted on

Check out the guy on the 20″ craning his neck to get a look.

Yes my friend, things really are more fun on a 24.