What are you bringing to the table?

3 11 2010

What people bring to the table can have a big influence on a situation.

For instance, when you bring a Sledgehammer to the table, you might just end up with a great trails photo.

Like this one.

Buddy with a big Texas table aboard his Volume Sledgehammer.

Photo by CMC




14 responses

3 11 2010

Hoo Rah for the sound of silence… (the forgotten 26″)! My 08 Zo6 is hands down the best cruiser I’ve ever owned. Built like a brick shit house with full Demolition issue parts. BELCH! mmm good.

3 11 2010

The Z06 is a nice bike,I have only seen pictures.

3 11 2010

This is a Texas sized bike indeed. This is by far the biggest bike I have ever jumped. Hell yea, Buddy!

3 11 2010

Gotta love the ‘hammer.

3 11 2010

Well i’m bringing a Custom 02 free agent hellcat cruiser. what now? Lol best dirt jumper ever made.

3 11 2010

that is a sic picture. and i just watched the video for the bike that you have on here and that was pretty funny.

4 11 2010

That is a funny video,the only thing left on this bike that came when I bought it is the v-brakes and the frame itself.Got it down at just under 30 pounds but it’s still quite an efford to throw it around.

4 11 2010
buck melanoma

I just ate a big red candle

12 11 2010

watching him ride that thing was fun. so fast

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