DK parts now available at Walmart

1 05 2012

A while back we talked about DK’s foray into the mainstream with their entry-level line of bikes at Walmart.

Without a doubt, there was some controversy over whether or not this was a good idea.

Well, love it or hate it…it looks like DK Bicycles is continuing to build on its relationship with Walmart.

On a roadtrip to Ray’s MTB a week ago, we stopped in at a Walmart and I was shocked to stumble on to this…an aisle endcap stocked with DK parts and accessories.

While clearly not super high-end, I was pleasantly surprised that what was on offer was, for the most part, okay-quality (especially in light of what’s usually available at mass-market stores).

It actually kind of blows my mind a bit that you can now walk into a Walmart (in the U.S.) and pick up a DK Random Wrench.

Who would have thunk it?